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BookExpo Children’s Book & Author Breakfast: Kid tested, Mother approved

I come from a long line of teachers.  Both of my parents were teachers.  My maternal grandparents were teachers.  My eldest aunt was a teacher.  My twin sister taught briefly.  Heck, I was even an adjunct professor of non-fiction creative writing for four years (can’t you tell?).  Yet despite a lineage that values education over everything, while growing up, reading was never atop my priority list.  After all, there were sports and games to play, drawings to draw, and daydreams to dream.   Despite my mom’s best efforts, it was often as much of a struggle for her to get me curl up with any book for more than 10 minutes as it was for her to get me to eat her beloved asparagus.  That is, until I discovered Encyclopedia Brown, choose-your-own adventure, and books of geography and sports factoids – suddenly I had real page-turners and happy (read: relieved) parents.

Since parents can never truly predict their children’s interests, our line-up for this year’s Children’s Book & Author Breakfast at BookExpo represent an array of topics, reading levels, and genres, practically guaranteed to appeal to kids of all ages and affinities.

We’re thrilled that Savannah Guthrie will shepherd the entire 90-minute conversation.  As the co-anchor of NBC’s Today, she is truly beloved and eager to discuss her own new young readers’ book, Princesses Wear Pants, which was co-written with Allison Oppenheim and illustrated by Eva Byrne.

And as you may have read in our press release on February 10, 2017, we couldn’t be more excited to bring Jason Reynolds, Marieke Nijkamp, Jennifer Weiner, and a soon-to-be-announced special guest to the stage.

Reynolds will talk about his three forthcoming works, YA Spider-Man novel Miles Morales and novels Patina and Long Way Down. Founding member of We Need Diverse Books™, Marieke Nijkamp, discusses her new YA novel, Before I Let Go, and acclaimed author Jennifer Weiner brings her middle grade book, Little Bigfoot, Big City.   Soon we’ll unveil the final author who we know will delight both kids and adults alike

We’ve also tweaked the format this year to get the most out of the impressive cast of authors, as this time around all the authors will participate in a panel-style format for the bulk of the breakfast, answering questions from both the host and the industry.  You can read all about the entire breakfast here.

So now, who’s going to invent a time machine by June 2nd so I can bring my 8-year-old self? I know both he and my then slightly-disappointed mom would love this!

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