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Why gathering at BookExpo is more important than ever

Welcome to the BookExpo Blog

While planning the launch of this blog I got to thinking about what BookExpo means and why we need it in today’s digital business environment. The Book Industry has seen consolidation via mergers and acquisitions, beloved brands shut their doors and sadly the closing of many institutions home to books and learning. Not to mention the daily deluge of social media and digital communication that’s changing the way we interact.

But with all the disruption and noise happening around it the Book Industry remains not only resilient but prosperous. Membership in the American Booksellers Association is rising, new bookstores are opening, libraries are engaging their communities in inventive ways, publishers are producing more thought provoking books than ever and many authors have established rock star status. Books are ingrained in pop culture now more than ever.

BookExpo is being reimagined to provide you with a focused, professional environment to Discover, Engage and Learn. Paramount in this mission is BookExpo’s ability to forge face-to-face relationships between publishers, distributors, authors, booksellers, librarians and retailers.

Whether on the show floor, at a special event or in a conference session the meaningful in-person interaction that BookExpo provides is exponentially more valuable than any amount of digital communication. Above all it’s a platform for you to get out and build relationships and gather the information needed to grow your business and spread your love of books and learning.

Our industry continues to evolve but one thing that never waivers is the passion of those in it. What sets us apart is the community we’ve built around books, authors and readers. That’s why it’s incredibly important to come together and elevate our industry one relationship at a time and share the ideas that lead us in to the future.

Thanks and we look forward to welcoming you to NYC this spring.

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